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Road Trip To Ranked With Ekko

So last night saw the start of a new Twitch/YouTube series where I will be seeing how far I can get in League of Legends playing with my main being Ekko, take a look...

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More Time On Twitch

We have been amazed at the lack of news since E3 so we will be spending a bit more time on Twitch and making videos until something interesting happens, be sure to follow us...

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New member of the Twitch team

Say hello to Aqwafina, he is one of the new members of our Twitch team and will be featured on our new Twitch team page when it is finished but for now you can find him...

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Streaming The Division on Twitch

So today is the release of the Division and we are now streaming it on Twitch at so join us and have a chat, let us know what you think.